Area 1 of Finca Cielito Lindo is Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. 

Milkweed is the one plant in which Monarch Butterflies lay their eggs and the only plant that their caterpillars eat. To ensure that the population of the Monarch butterfly increase, our goal at CARAS will be to raise awareness to plants such as the Milkweed that are essential to the Monarch Butterfly. 

You can help us care for these animals by donating the materials below.

Donations needed:

Item# 194354
Weatherized Post 4x4x8
Qty Needed: 225
Each: $12.17
Total: $2,738.25

Item# 308313EB
Everbilt 5’x 100′ fence
Qty Needed: 14
Each: $108.41
Total: $1,517.74

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