Area 3 of Finca Cielito Lindo is our farm animal rescue and sanctuary.

A small number of elderly and injured farm animals of varying species will be housed and sheltered in the designated area. The humane treatment of our animals, including shelter, corral leading to a water source and barn, food, exercise areas along with compassionate care and companionship will be the priority for Area 3.

You can help us care for these animals by donating the materials below.

Donations needed:

Item# 194354
Weatherized Post 4x4x8
Qty Needed: 240
Each: $12.17
Total: $2,920.80

Item# 308313EB
Everbilt 5’x 100′ fence
Qty Needed: 14
Each: $108.41
Total: $1,517.74

Item# FS9G175
1-3/4 in. 9-guage Barbed Fencing Stables (1,000-pack)
Qty Needed: 4 pkgs
Each: $67.99
Total: $271.96

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