Area 4 of Finca Cielito Lindo is our pollinator sanctuary.

Native flowers, bushes, plants and diverse berries, grasses, weeds and trees will be cultivated and maintained as an organic source of food for bees, birds, and other wildlife that are endangered by lack of food sources essential for growth and development.

You can help us care for these species by donating the materials below.

Donations needed:

Item# 4220254
Weatherized Post 4x4x10
Qty Needed: 205
Each: $12.17
Total: $2,494.85

Item# 348308B
FarmGuard 48×100 Horse Fence
Qty Needed: 24
Each: $178.00
Total: $4,272 .00

Item# FS9G175
1-3/4 in. 9-guage Barbed Fencing Stables (1,000-pack)
Qty Needed: 6 pkgs
Each: $67.99
Total: $407.94

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