Area 2 of Finca Cielito Lindo is our dog rescue and sanctuary.

There are many elderly or injured dogs that will need a place to stay while they are searching for their forever home. At CARAS we hope to provide for them shelter, food and compassionate care, as well a place for them to enjoy being dogs. 

You can help us care for these animals by donating the materials below.

Donations needed:

Item# 194354
Weatherized Post 4x4x8
Qty Needed: 140
Each: $12.17
Total: $1,703.80

Item# 348312B
FarmGuard 72×100 Horse Fence
Qty Needed: 8
Each: $269.10
Total: $2,152.80

Item# FS9G175
1-3/4 in. 9-guage Barbed Fencing Stables (1,000-pack)
Qty Needed: 3 pkgs
Each: $67.99
Total: $203.91

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