My Visit to the Farm

By Stacy Valdez

This past weekend I went to Cindi’s farm and I had a great and adventurous time. This trip did help me get out of my comfort zone and break out of my shell which is a good thing. I had first experiences and learned many things. I wish I could’ve stayed longer but I’ll be back soon.
     Each time I go, I learn new words and I start using them often. This visit I learned what the word “Apprehensive” meant. Cindi taught me how to drive her mule and I kept saying I was scared, but in reality I was just apprehensive because it was a first experience and I didn’t know how to do it.  While driving the mule I noticed that I was out my comfort zone. The past me wouldn’t even think about driving the mule, but after she taught me all I wanted to do was drive.
        We did put in a lot of effort and time into the pool and cleaning it out. I thank her for that because I know it took a lot. We went into the pool for a while, and once again I stepped out of my comfort zone. I knew there wasn’t any snakes or anything that could harm me in the water but in the past all the “what if’s” would have stopped me from going swimming but this time I didn’t let anything stop me.
      I could go on for days about how much fun I had with the kittens, chickens and dogs but I know I have to wrap this up. I hope Choco gets better and stronger. I hope Hannah will stop peeing indoors. Thank you for having me, can’t wait to see you soon.