All The Hard Work

Captain Log: July 2, 2018

I have often questioned why I work day and night on the farm. Isn’t retirement and living away from the city supposed to be laid back and peaceful? There is always something to do and typically that something that needs to be done was not what I had planned to do for the day. Emergencies seem to come up daily; well went dry, electric fence not working, bees swarmed, loose pig on the farm, etc. I drop dead tired into bed. All my plans for daily meditation and a walk around the farm turned into running around and figuring out how to pull the mower out of the pond.

I am often curious to read what “ the daily habits of successful people” are. How do you measure success? Over the last few days I’ve had a friend and her family visiting the farm and it’s only now that I can justify all work. It’s been nice to have a clean barn, a working well, vegetables  from the garden, and an apiary for show and tell for the kids. The work has paid off. Their family farm vacation was a success and as I reflect on the weekend I can acknowledge that all the work has paid off. Being able to open up the farm and share with others makes all the work worthwhile.