Setting Intention

Captain’s Log: Oct 10, 2017

It’s been a few months since I first met this farm. The moment I jumped the fence and walked onto the property, our souls connected. It’s 64 acres, 19 of which are pasture and buildings, 2 ponds and the rest are woods. My intention for this farm is to evolve it into a healing space and habitat for pollinators, a few farm animals, and elderly and disabled dogs. I particularly like the idea that I will create a space for the monarch butterfly, native bees, a donkey or 2 and a space for Dachshunds.

I don’t know a thing about farming nor do I do know much about eco-systems, tractors or chainsaws. What the heck is a 2 cycle engine and why do I need to carry a pocket knife?

My intention has been set, I will work diligently, ask the same questions many times, I will ask for help from the people capable of helping me but most importantly I will evolve. I will become a farmer and an environmental steward for this land.